Hollow ceramic spheres are hollow microspheres, containing nitrogen and carbon dioxide gas negatively pressurized inside.

They are low-density and lightweight materials, offering high compression strength, high melting point, high electrical resistance, low coefficient of heat conduction and coefficient of thermal contraction, high abrasion resistance, and many more.

They could play an important role in multiple applications and create considerable economic benefits for several matrices.

We are a REACH-registered supplier, offering premium-quality cenospheres, serving markets not only across the European Union but around the world, with the capability to deliver globally.

REACH / ECHA01-2119563688-XX
CAS Number93924-19-7
EINECS Number300-212-6
  • Low density
  • Free-flowing
  • Spherical shape
  • High crushing strength
  • Higher thermal properties
  • Chemical inert

Oil well, Cement slurries, Refectories paint and Coatings

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