GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag)

GGBS is a high quality and low-carbon hydraulic binder (white powder) for high-performance Building Chemistry formulations. It can be used in all dry mix mortars applications, improving formulation competitiveness. GGBS unique features make it the ideal solution for lowering the carbon and increasing the durability of dry-mix products.

GGBS is used to formulate dry-mix mortars with better rheological behavior, controllable setting behavior and strength development, improved durability, less efflorescence and fire resistance.

  • Improved workability: makes placing, pouring, mixing and compacting easier in all applications and especially under high temperature.
  • Lower heat hydration: reduces the risk of thermal cracking.
  • Sulphate resistant: increases the life of the civil work.
  • Chloride resistant: helps to reduce the solubility of residues such as chlorides.
  • Whiter colour: reduces pigment requirement and creates a more aesthetic finish.
  • Finishes: results in less defects and smoother surface finish.

Tile adhesive mortars

GGBS can be used in tile adhesives formulation to achieve C1 and C2 Grade as well as specific design formulations, according to the European Standard EN 1200 2007 «Adhesives for Tiles, Requirements, evaluation of conformity, classification and designation sets out the requirements for cement-based tile adhesives »

Coating applications

GGBS can be used to formulate coating mortars according to the European Standard EN 998 -1 “Specification for mortar for masonry – Part 1 Rendering and Plastering Mortar’’

Masonry mortars

GGBS can be used to formulate masonry mortars according to the European Standard EN 998 -2 “Specification for mortar for masonry – Part 2 Masonry Mortar”.

Technical Mortars

GGBS can be used to formulate mortars to be used in for aggressive environments, such as agriculture applications and chemically aggressive environments.

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