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NANOVISION is a trading company specializing in innovative chemical materials for various industries, including Automotive, Explosive, Paint, and Plastics. We are particularly specialized in special fillers, offering unique solutions tailored to each sector's needs.

Our journey began overseas in Canada in the late 70s, and by the early 90s, we pivoted our focus to Greece. Today, as a third-generation company under the brand name Nanovision, we remain true to our family's principles. We continue to build on the founder's legacy, successfully collaborating with renowned names like 3M and continually seeking ways to serve the industry with innovative and pioneering materials.

Starting in 2024, Nanovision will proudly serve as the sole Authorized Distributor based in Greece, extending our services throughout South East Europe and including Cyprus. This expansion represents a significant milestone in our ongoing growth and commitment to excellence in distribution, as we strive to uphold the innovative spirit and dedication to quality that has defined us for decades.



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