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Special Paints and Coatings

Condensation and Related Issues

There is always some moisture in the air, even if it is not readily visible. If air gets cold, it cannot hold all the moisture produced by everyday activities and some of this moisture appears as tiny droplets of water. This is readily noticeable on windows on a cold morning. This phenomenon is condensation. It can also be seen on mirrors when you have a bath or shower, and on cold surfaces such as tiles or cold walls. The use of paints which can minimize or control condensation is quickly gaining popularity among homeowners who are looking to reduce moisture build up in specific areas of their homes such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages, sheds, and entry areas. Many different manufacturers are starting to develop these paints using newer technologies involving more durable binders. Another key raw material which could be utilized to delay the onset of condensation is 3M Glass Bubbles.

Anti-Condensation Paint

There are various kinds of anti-condensation paints. Some of them are formulated above CPVC (Critical Pigment Volume Concentration), making the dry paint film highly porous. These paints act as a sponge, absorbing water from condensation. Typically, these paints have lower quality, resulting in lower scrub and stain resistance.

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