Special Offer of Hollow Ceramic Microspheres

Why choose Hollow Ceramic Microspheres ?

Hollow Ceramic Microspheres are inert, hollow particles made mainly of silicon, alumina and boron-silicate soda lime, which inside their core contain inert gas (e.g. nitrogen) or carbon dioxide.

Benefits :

  • In Paints and Coatings

When Hollow Ceramic Microspheres are used in coatings or other composite materials, they give special mechanical and thermal insulating properties both to coatings or architectural paint applications and to other industrial coatings.

  • Lightweight composition

Lightweight applications that result in the reduction of total weight of vessel (e.g. marine use).

  • Improved flow and workability

Flowability and workability characteristics are desirable in applications of end products for marine coatings as well as during manufacturing process of cementitious building materials.

  • High melting point

Some types of Hollow Ceramic Microspheres are formed in heat up to 1400-1500 oC, resulting in an extremely temperature durable outer surface.

  • Advantage in production process

Their uniformed spherical shape offers a smaller surface area than other irregular ordinary fillers, resulting in lower resin use. Also, the ability to rotate between them has minor effect on the viscosity of a liquid as opposed to the usual irregular fillers.

  • Use as a thermal insulation material

The trapped air and inert gas in the cavity of the hollow spheres is a heat insulator. Thus, hollow spheres act as heat insulators and can be used as a thermal insulation material in coatings.

Other applications of Hollow Ceramic Microspheres :

  • Side walls and fronts (façade) of houses and buildings, hotels, hospitals, offices, control towers, construction sites and similar constructions
  • Insulation in air conditioning, steam systems, hot water pipes, boilers
  • Outer storage of crude oil, chemicals, solvents, gas, oil, petrochemicals
  • Wheat silage, refrigeration chambers, refrigerators
  • Exterior roofs of transport vehicles, railway trains and passenger buses



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