Special Offer of GGBS

Why choose GGBS ?

GGBS material is a high-whiteness additive used in combination with Portland cement to produce superior quality concrete and other cementitious mortars. Its share in building mortar can reach – in weight – of up to 70%, according to I.S EN 206-1.


The combination of GGBS in the production of cementitious mortars and concrete provides important features during the application and the final result, such as: 

  • Ease of use: Makes mixing easier
  • Resistance to compression forces of the application, especially at high temperatures
  • Lower hydration temperature: Reduces the risk of thermal cracking
  • Reduction of water permeability and porosity, improving the durability of cement
  • Resistance to sulphides: Increases the life-duration of the building
  • Chloride resistance: Helps reduce the solubility of residues, such as chlorides
  • Protection against pH imbalance in cement construction
  • White colour: Reduces the requirement of pigment and creates a better aesthetic finish
  • Final result: Fewer defects and smoother surface finish


  • Leachate reduction
  • Lower permeability
  • Increased long-term durability
  • Resistance to sulphates and acids
  • Lower environmental impact


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