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The products’ applications are the most important decision point for the supply of the appropriate material. On each market or industry choice however, applications may be more than one per selected product.

Towards the convenience in materials’ selection, NANOVISION recommends to choose the right market or industrial application and accordingly to move to the product category that suits your needs. It is certain that each market has more than one product category.

NANOVISION can provide you with technical support and all necessary in-use application information, smart storage solutions, shipping methods and a very competitive pricing.


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Adhesives & Sealants
Automotive, Aerospace and Marine
Construction Materials
Drilling Fluids & Cements
Insulation & Buoyancy
Other Industries
Paints & Coatings
Rubber & Plastic
Acrylic and industrial latex paints51 Aggregate – leveling plus loose insulation52 Architectural base coves52 Architectural coatings913, 51 Architectural Paints (<3 mils) or Smooth Appearance51 Artificial stone52 Bitumen Roofing Sheets51 Bitumen Sound Dampening Sheets51 Brush/Roller Coatings51 Bulk emulsion57 Buoyancy blocks for Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs)56 Buoyancy modules for drill risers56 Caulks and sealants52 Cement Boards52 Cement lime Cement mixtures for floor52 Central consoles to the hood77 Ceramic Tile adhesives52 Coating applications52, 51 Compounds and Surfacing Plasters - Plastering mixtures - Plasters52 Concrete products52 Concrete Repair Mortars52 Consumer Goods55 Cultured marble52 Deck Coatings Airless Spray Coatings*51 Deepsea pipe and flowline insulation56 Distributed Buoyancy Modules (DBMs)56 Drainage, heating of outdoors communications52 EIFS Basecoat52 Elastomers55 Electric Cable Joint Compounds55 Electronics55 Electronics and appliances55 Emulsion explosives57 Engineered wood52, 55 Epoxy adhesives52 Epoxy coatings51 Exterior Solar Reflective Coatings51 External Insulation Facade Systems51 Extruded profiles for window and door trim52 Fenders77 Floor Topping52 Foundries52, 55 Furniture55 Furniture and molded décor55 Industrial and maintenance coatings51 Industrial explosives57 Injection molded components and extruded profiles55 Inks51 Insulating bricks, Refractory castables and Sprayable/gunning52 Insulation of chimney inserts52 Insulation plates52 Insulation, Buoyancy modules56 Insulative Coatings with Lower Thermal Conductivity51 Interior cabin components77 Lightweight cement slurries56 Lightweight concrete blocks52 Lightweight concrete repair products, small architecture52 Lightweight constructions of residential houses52 Lightweight hand-held tools52 Lightweight Injection Molded Parts77 Lightweight Putty77 Lightweight seam sealer 77 Lightweight Seam Sealing & Underbody Coatings77 Lightweight Sheet Molded Composites (SMC)77 Low-density drilling fluids56 Low-shrink spackling, wall repair compounds / Putties52 Machinable, sandable compounds52 Masonry mixtures, repair mixtures52 Masonry mortars52 Mastics, grouts51 Molded décor52 Mortars52 Oilwell Cements56 Packaged emulsion57 Packaging55 Packaging films55 Pillar trim and central consoles to the hood, fenders, tire tubs77 Plastering mixtures–cement Plastering mixtures–cement, cement lime, plaster52 Polyester Shower Trays and Polymer Concrete55 Polymer wood composites and siding55 Polyolefins, nylon composites and other thermoplastics55 Potting compounds52 Preformed concrete52 Primers51 Production risers56 Radiation curable coatings51 Self-Levelling Underlayment52 Semi-gloss to matte formulations51 Sheet molding compounds (SMC) and bulk molding compounds (BMC)55 Spackling, caulks, adhesives51 Sporting goods55 Spray-up/lay-up52 Subsea flowlines56 Syntactic foam56 Syntactic foam compositions54 Technical Mortars52 Thermoplastic polymers55 Thermoset polymers55 Thermosets, liquids and pastes55 Tile adhesive mortars Tile Adhesives / Cement Adhesives52 Tile Backer Boards52 Tire tubs77 Underbody Coatings77 Vertical Overhead Mortar52 Water gel and slurry explosives57 Wood/polymer composites55 Wooden floor adhesives - Wood Filler52


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